Skandinaviska Turistkyrkan Benidorm (STKB; The Scandinavian Tourist Church in Benidorm) is an evangelical fellowship primarily serving Scandinavian tourists in the Benidorm area. The organisation was initiated in 1988 and acquired premises for a church shortly thereafter. Since 2003, the organisation has been an independent and self-supported congregation led by a board of members.

The Sunday Services and other activities of the STKB are held in Scandinavian languages. English-speaking tourists, however, would appreciate visiting The English Church in Benidorm. This congregation arranges its meetings in the STKB building, which is localised here.

The English Church is a non-denominational, international, evangelical fellowship that was established in 1985 under the oversight of Paraclete Christian Network International. PCNI is responsible for providing ministry and pastoral care throughout the year.

Revd. Alan Robertson is resident in Benidorm for the most part of the year, ministering to the needs of all who come to the Church. When he is away on leave, visiting Ministers from the UK staff the church.

Each week The English Church welcomes everyone at the regular meetings which are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. There is also a coffeee morning each Wednesday.

Wedding blessings can be arranged on request.

Please observe: Due to the current restrictions in the area, The English Church will have a very limited weekly program.
Sunday morning services at 11:00 am.
June, July and August:
Friday Communion at 11:00 am and Sunday morning service at 11:00 am.
We plan to return to our regular weekly program by September if the restrictions are not prolonged by the Spanish authorities.

Please visit the PCNI homepage for further details about The English Church and the weekly program.